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18 If I'm Lucky

Dear Joe College,

I'm a fifth year senior (double majoring, which is a bullshit excuse for taking my damn sweet time). I am in charge of the Greek system and organized the move in process where Frat guys and sorostitutes moved in frosh's. I met numorus hot freshmen girls and after speaking with them, while their fathers parked the car, I recieved many numbers. I am 22, these girls are 18 if I'm lucky, what is the cut off legally, morally, but mainly in the eyes of the community.

Grass on The Field

Dear Grass-

Numorus? Recieved? Sincerly? Double majoring, huh? I think we’ve found the real reason you’re in college an extra year.

But back to the age-old question of what age is old. And legality is not an issue because no matter where you are in this country, 18 is legal. (God bless America!)

The community’s reaction depends on which community. The freshman girl community might see you as “dreamy” and “really dreamy.” The senior girl community might see you as “sketchy” and “really sketchy” and “fifth-year sketchy.” And guys everywhere will be high-fiving you, regardless of age.

Is it moral? Well, I don’t ever want to preach morality – morality is imposed by other people. I believe more in personal standards. And if you’re okay with tagging a girl who still remembers what she got on her SAT IIs, well, that’s your call.

Thanks for writing. This was Joe College saying, “If you decide against this, you better email me those numbers.”

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