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I'm in France

Dear Joe College,

Damn you for making me laugh uncontrollably in a crowded internet café in Europe! I had to get my fix of daily hilarity and now I am banished from the least expensive internet port in all of France. Apparently I was 'causing a scene', only they called it something gay like 'faire un scene' or some dumb shit like that. Feel free to make fun of the fact that I'm in France, as I am ready to start picking them off from the bell tower myself. Anyway, my question is: In this increasingly technological age, what is the role of sociological bounds as it applies to computers and informations technology, in light of a post-September 11th society? Keep up the good work. I can't wait to cause a scene in another cafe...


Dear Jeremy,

Hah hah. You’re in France. France sucks.

Joe College

Thanks for writing. This was Joe College saying, “Thanks for the permission.”

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