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Sounds Kind of Boring

Dear Joe College,

I have a dilemma: I'm trying to make my schedule for next semester, and I can't decide between a MWF 9 am class that I really want to take and the professor is awesome, or a TR 2 pm class that might be ok, but sounds kind of boring.

I know this sounds like a stupid question I should already know the answer to, but keep in mind that I am asking.

Also, I am depressed because our football team sucks.

Dorky English Major in Alabama.

Dear English Major-

Oh, don’t say you’re a dork! Just because you live in Alabama and your mood depends on your football team, and you ask stupid questions, and there’s a class you actively want to go to...Okay, so you’re a dork. But lets try to get beyond that.

Your choice is between an interesting class that meets three times a week or a boring class that meets twice. Obviously the twice a week class is better. Because you can take the extra day to go hang gliding. If you’ve ever taken math before, you’d know that boring class + hang gliding > interesting class. And here’s a tip – no class is interesting when you sleep through it, which is exactly what will happen as the semester drags on. Even dorks get hangovers. Especially after bad football losses.

Thanks for writing. This was Joe College saying, “You must go to UA cause their team SUCKS this year.”

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