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2/24 Osaka, JP Dotonbori Zaza Poket’s
2/25 Shanghai, CH Shanghai Comedy Club @ Cages
3/4 Miami, FL Miami - Your Tour TBA
3/5 Titusville, FL Bar IX
3/6 Tampa, FL Pegasus Lounge
3/7 Orlando, FL Orlando - Your Tour TBA
3/10 Jacksonville, FL Jack Rabbits Live
3/11 Atlanta, GA Hard Rock Cafe (Atlanta)
3/12 Raleigh, NC Maywood
3/19 Phoenix, AZ O’Connor’s Pub
3/22 Tucson, AZ Monterey Court
3/24 Ontario, CA Improv
3/2-3/30 Long Beach, CA Laugh Factory (Long Beach)
4/5 Boston, MA Boston - Your Tour TBA
4/6 Nashua, NH Daniel Webster College
Collings Auditorium
4/9 New York, NY Broadway Comedy Club
4/11 DuBois, PA Pennsylvania State University, DuBois
Hiller Auditorium
4/12 Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh - Your Tour TBA
3/1-7/23 West Hollywood, CA Laugh Factory (Hollywood)
4/17 Cleveland, OH Anatomy
4/18 Grand Rapids, MI Grand Rapids - Your Tour TBA
4/19 Chicago, IL Laugh Factory (Chicago)
4/20 Indianapolis, IN Morty's Comedy Joint
4/21 Louisville, KY Louisville - Your Tour TBA
4/22 Detroit, MI Garden Theatre
4/24 Hoboken, NJ Stevens Institute of Technology
Wesley J. Howe Center
4/25 Philadelphia, PA Connie's Ric Rac
4/26 Washington, DC Washington - Your Tour TBA
4/27 Brooklyn, NY Kingsborough Community College
5/3 Auckland , NZ Tuning Fork
5/5 Brisbane, AU Black Bear Lodge Level One
5/6 Sydney, AU Sydney - Your Tour TBA
5/7 North Melbourne, AUS The Comic’s Lounge
5/9 Des Moines, IA Vaudeville Mews
5/10 Lincoln, NE Vega
5/11-5/13 Tulsa, OK Loony Bin
5/15 St. Paul, MN Amsterdam Bar & Hall
5/16 Madison, WI High Noon Saloon
5/19 Rohnert Park, CA Sally Tomatoes
6/1 Denver, CO Denver - Your Tour TBA
6/10 Portland, OR Kelly's Olympian
6/11 Bellevue, WA Parlor Live
6/12 Vancouver, BC Vancouver - Your Tour TBA
6/13 Calgary, AB Calgary - Your Tour TBA
6/14 Edmonton, AB Edmonton - Your Tour TBA
6/17 Ottawa, ON Ottawa - Your Tour TBA
6/18 Toronto, ON Hard Rock Cafe (Toronto)
7/1 Dublin, IR Workman’s Club
7/2 Glasgow, UK Glasgow - Your Tour TBA
7/3 Edinburgh, UK Stramash Edinburgh
7/5 Manchester, UK Manchester - Your Tour TBA
7/6 Birmingham, UK Birmingham - Your Tour TBA
7/7 London, UK London - Your Tour TBA
7/9 Berlin, DE Berlin - Your Tour TBA
7/10 Brussels, BE Brussels - Your Tour TBA
7/11 Amsterdam, NL Amsterdam - Your Tour TBA
7/13 Copenhagen, DK Copenhagen - Your Tour TBA
7/14 Oslo, NO Oslo - Your Tour TBA
8/4 Orlando, FL Rosen Shingle Creek Sandlake
8/15-8/20 Reno, NV Laugh Factory (Silver Legacy Resort Casino)
9/28-10/1 Boise, ID Liquid Laughs
10/2-10/8 Las Vegas, NV Laugh Factory