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I Gave Up Spanking

Dear Joe,

I was able to accomplish what i thought was once unaccomplishable. I gave up spanking the monkey when I entered college. But now I am beginning to wonder if its worth it. I was a lot lessed stressed and horny choking the chicken on a 6 times daily basis then i am now. But since I've gone so long (for me) without beating my meat I keep thinking i should keep going. What are your thoughts?

Johnny McBlueball

Johnny Mac,

What are my thoughts? Well, lately I’ve been thinking that Jim Belushi shouldn’t have his own sitcom. And the chick on Alias is hot, but not hot enough to make me watch Alias. Also, is anyone else disturbed by ABC continuing to run 8 Simple Rules? And then I started thinking that I should stop watching so much TV. Thank you for asking.

Thanks for writing. This was Joe College saying, “It’s funny because that’s not what you meant.”

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