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Like an Idiot I Bought a TV

Dear Joe College,

Like an idiot I bought a T.V. in the very beginning of my freshman year. I am a sohpmore now. Since the day of purchasing my T.V. I find myself not watching most of the time. Why? I lost interest in most of the crap they call "entertainment." I do not like watching football or any other sport that is televised. I hate reality shows. But my roomate, he watches everything. He watches everything from football to stupid reality shows. Once he even watched "Sex and the City" (If I was to watch T.V. I usually watch Comedy Central). Most of the time that he is watching he is sleeping, or he leaves it on when not in the room, or I have work to do, or I just don't want it on. I dont want to be a dick and tell him to turn it off every time. I am sure that next year, when I hand in my housing check, his name will not appear on my requested roomate form. What can I do, for now, so I do not have to succumb to breaking the T.V. over my roomate's head?


Dear This Guy,

I wouldn’t recommend breaking your TV over your roommate’s head, unless you got it on film. That scene in Grosse Point Blank rocked.

This situation must be handled delicately, since your roommate is a fairly unique individual. Very few guys watch football AND Sex and the City. He is obviously watching football for the tight pants. Perhaps some posters of naked men hung up around the room will distract him.

But if that doesn’t work, sell your TV and a few of his CDs. Then ransack your room and tell him you were robbed. Not only will that prevent him from watching TV, but you’ll also get a few bucks for the CDs.

And if that doesn’t work, buy a TiVo and set it to tape the next Meredith-Baxter Birney marathon on Lifetime.

Thanks for writing. This was Joe College saying, “Give me back my baby!”

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