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Why can't people spell?

Dear Joe College,

Why can't people spell? It truly annoys me. It definitely show a lack of intelligence. Incorrect grammar also bothers me. It also annoys and amuses me when people use words incorrectly. There was this one guy who thought a 'pet peeve' was a hobby or somethng that one loves to do.


Dear Carl,

You are a terrible speller. You meant to sign "Carl" and you spelled it "Heather" - you're way off. Also, your question had nothing to do with college, making me not want to answer it. But I don't pass on the chance to make fun of someone, so you're lucky.

People can't spell because they're lazy. I make typos all the time, but there's a difference between people who hit the wrong key and people who mash their keys as if to say "fire bad!"

For instance, you writing "It definitely show a lack of intelligence" was a mistake. You signing your name as Heather when it's clearly spelled C-A-R-L is just stupid.

Also, people who feel the need to write to someone on the internet are usually the people who felt the need to eat paste.

Thanks for writing. This was Joe College saying, "Joe COLLEGE, not Joe Spelling."

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