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Joining the Baseball Team

What’s up Joe College! This is Jay from SCSU in CT. Got a quick question for ya. I’ve been thinking about joining the baseball team here at school. Do you think that playing sports in college helps get girls?

What’s up Jay! This is Joe College from in NYC. Got a quick answer for you. Yes.

Joining the baseball team would be a fine idea. Aside from it giving you more confidence, direction, and a snazzy uniform, it will also help you increase your opposite sex attractivity quotient by forcing you to spend hours every day in the weight room. And while you’re there, I and every other guy NOT on the baseball team will be banging your girlfriend. So since you’ll have no time for a girlfriend, you won’t have one. And that way she won’t get in the way when you try to meet girls on the walk from the gym to the field and the field to the gym.

If you would like real advice on how to get girls, try abbreviating less. SCSU? CT? What, are real words too fancy for you? Though maybe all this abbreviation will save you enough time to hit the gym some more.

Thanks for writing. This was Joe College saying, “Even your name is a letter.”

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