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Unpublished Work By Steve Hofstetter

Primary Day
By Steve Hofstetter
Wednesday, 9/26/01

A lot of people get woken up by their next-door neighbor
On their birthday
He comes to my door often
To tell me things I should know
A lot of people are told to turn on their TVs
On their birthday
There could be something interesting
Maybe I should check the weather
A lot of people watch the news
On their birthday
It’s primary day
Elections are important
A lot of people get calls from their family
On their birthday
They’d been calling all day.
How are you? Is everything fine?
A lot of people know someone who died
On their birthday
There are only so many days a year
Everyone dies sometime
A lot of people speak at vigils
On their birthday
But my birthday wasn’t the same as John Lennon’s
And that was the only vigil I’d ever heard of
A lot of people have their friends hug them
On their birthday
A hug is comforting
It makes the day better
A lot of people cry
On their birthday
Maybe they miss someone
Or they don’t want to get older
A lot of people
On their birthday.
A lot of people
On my birthday.

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