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For booking, contact Kate Magill at Sophie K Entertainment

Steve Hofstetter is the most booked act on the college market. Performing at over 100 colleges each year for the last five years, Hofstetter is a regular at everything from orientations to spring flings to coffee houses. Immensely popular on Facebook and and in the Greek community, Hofstetter is the best option for any campus show.

See what people are saying about Steve:

"Regarded as one of the country's finest comedians."
   -Portland Tribune

"Steve Hofstetter is one of the best comics I've seen."
   -Corinne Heller, E! Entertainment Television

"He is very polished and self-aware, and his themes of intelligence and social and environmental concerns were sensitively incorporated into his act...Not only was I impressed with Mr. Hofstetter's work, both the delivery and the writing, but so were the people with me"
   -Mindy Aloff, Barnard College

"Steve had the students rolling on the ground laughing out loud. The students want to know when he will be back."
   -Hanna Malak, Menlo College Student Government Association

"We had over 300 students and the response was terrific. Many stayed around afterwards to talk with and meet him. He is a great guy, and the comics that he brought with him were also very funny."
   -Sara Kellogg, Iowa State University Up All Night

"Steve was one of the funniest comedians we have ever had at GVSU. Over 600 people attended Steve's show, standing room only. People around campus still talk about what a great show it was!"
   -Erich Hinel, Grand Valley State University Spotlight Productions

"My God, they were hilarious! Steve and Lance Weiss (his opening act) were received quite well by our students. They had us in stitches! We all had so much fun and want them both back again!"
   -Margarita Ascencio, Fisher College

"Steve Hofstetter performed magnificently! He is extremely funny on stage and has a great personality off stage."
   -Rocky Su, Student Services Coordinator, Devry University

"Comedians don't generally fare very well at Texas State, but Steve Hofstetter packed the place, and had everyone laughing hysterically."
   -Kassidy Motal, Texas State University

"He had our entire College Union Building Lobby filled and rolling with laughter...We sold 50 copies of “Student Body Shots” just from a 20 minute stand up. Amazing!!"
   -Robin Molison, Gettysburg College Bookstore

"Steve will always go the extra distance for you to make sure you have a great show."
   -Jason McMullan, Lehigh University

"Steve was very engaging. We were invigorated with his fresh, edgy comedy."
   -Ruvane Kurland, Southern Illinois University Hillel Foundation

"Hofstetter is one of the most promising upcoming comedians I've ever seen - he made the whole process easy to deal with and kept the audience laughing constantly. This is a show you will be quoting with your friends weeks after the last punchline."
   -Lee Richmond, James Madison University College Democrats

"Steve really points out all the ironies in life and makes us laugh at ourselves. He is a really funny guy!"
   -Morgan Lynn-Beckett, Penn State University Phi Sigma Rho

"The show was amazing and we had a blast."
   -Dan McCraw, University of North Carolina-Wilmington Kappa Sigma

"It was a great show. We all found it funny."
   -Rory Horan, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Pi Lambda Phi

"We were extremely happy with the performance and it exceeded our expectations ten fold. Thanks again it was awsome!"
   -Ben Horning, Greek Council, California Polytechnic Institute-Pomona

"One night at the roughest college show I've ever seen, I watched myself and the other comics struggle to keep order in the room of 400 plus rowdy students. Then when Steve hit the stage, they listened, laughed, and then gave him a standing ovation. He's a natural talent whose act has something for everyone."
   -Comedian Courtney Cronin

For booking, contact Kate Magill at Sophie K Entertainment