Book Steve Hofstetter!

To book Steve, contact Barry Mackey at Next Round Entertainment

Steve Hofstetter is a sensation at clubs, electrifying audiences with his smart, fast-paced humor. He's a regular headliner at clubs like Comic Strip, Comedy Caravan, Comedy Castle, Comedy TN, Comedy Zone, Funny Bone, Funny Farm, Improv, One Liners, Rooster T. Feathers, and dozens of others. With a mailing list over half a million strong and a syndicated Radio show, Hofstetter has a tremendous drawing power. Add frequent TV appearances, a weekly column for Sports Illustrated, and a syndicated newspaper column, Hofstetter is the best option for any comedy club.

See what people are saying about Steve:

"Regarded as one of the country's finest comedians."
   -Portland Tribune

"Steve Hofstetter is at the top of our talent list. Hysterical, smart, a GREAT self-promoter and one of the easiest comics to work with."
   -Kevin Garnier, Downtown Comedy Club

"Not only does he do a great job performing, but he also has his own following."
   -Marshall Chiles, Funny Farm (Atlanta)

"I've been pleased with his smart act, quick wit, promotions and professionalism."
   -Heather Barbieri, Rooster. T Feathers

"Steve is one of the wittiest, crowd pleasing comics that entertains at our venue. His intellectual humor leaves you thinking, as well as laughing, all the way home. It's always a pleasure to see Steve Hofstetter's name on our itinerary."
   -Mike Davis, Prestonsburg Comedy Zone

"Steve Hofstetter just headlined my room and the crowds absolutely loved him."
   -Mark Ridley, Comedy Castle

"Steve brings great energy into every room he enters. Can't wait to have him on again!"
   -Lesley Wolff, Hollywood Improv

"Steve Hofstetter is an anomaly: A highly cerebral, frighteningly intelligent young man who talks about things that actually matter and yet still manages to make my A.D.D.-addled crowd laugh out loud. His gifts are impressive."
   -Adam Sank, Electro Shock Therapy Comedy Hour

"This guy is a promo machine and he puts on a great show as well. His humor is clever and thoughtful."
   -Lee Seelig, Higher Ground Comedy

"Steve exceeded my expectations and had the crowd doubled over in their seats. His comic insights are remarkable. I hope to book him again soon."
   -Alan Katz, Funny Farm Entertainment

"I wish he weren't so busy so it would be easier to book him again."
   -Shaun Eli, Ivy League Comedy Showcases

"After several years I still book him. Call me if you want to know why."
   -Tom Sobel, Comedy Caravan

"Steve brings two elements to every show. The first one is professionalism. The second one is being downright hilarious!"
   -Chuck Wozlick, Charter Talent

"Thinking Man's or Woman's comedy...funny stuff!"
   -Gerri and Daniel Abrahamsen, DCA Productions

"This guy rocks it consistantly!!"
   -Jimmy Goings, GFI Entertainment

"Steve Hofstetter is not only one of my favorite comedians but one of my favorite humans. I am pretty sure he will own the word 'Comedy' when it's all said and done"
   -Chad Zumock, Comedy Mass

"Steve Hofstetter is one of the best comics I've seen."
   -Corinne Heller, E! Entertainment Television

"Steve Hofstetter is that rare combination of funny and intelligent."
   -Comedian Jim Gaffigan

"That’s funny sh**."
   -Adam Duritz, Counting Crows

"I love Steve Hofstetter more than I love Canned Pears...And I friggin love Canned Pears."
   -Comedian Mitch Fatel

"Steve Hofstetter is hilarious, creative and cool."
   -Comedian Alonzo Bodden

"Recommended if you dig Jerry Seinfeld, Robert Wuhl, Woody Allen."
   -Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Steve Hofstetter is fantastic in an intergalactic way."
   -Comedian Chris Rush

"Jokester Steve Hofstetter, may quickly become one of your favorite comedians."
   -Tamara Ikenberg, Louisville Courier-Journal

"The Jewish comedian (who jokes about looking Irish and having a black adopted sister) comes across like a younger, edgier Jerry Seinfeld if he'd been influenced by the topical humor of the late Bill Hicks."
   -Bret Love, All Music Guide

"Called the 'Thinking Man's Comic' and compared to a young Jerry Seinfeld by Jay Leno, Hofstetter is an up-and-comer."
   -Karen Shade, Tulsa World

"Hofstetter is one of the very best; satirical comedy with audience interaction."
   -Wayne, Smiling Budha