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Unpublished Work By Steve Hofstetter

Jefferies at the Bat
By Steve Hofstetter

It's the bottom of the ninth, sports fans
A perfect game at that.
The score stands three to nothing
As Alicea comes to bat.

The first pitch is outside and high
The second one is low.
The third pitch he connects
And it looks like it'll go

But just then Ryan Thompson
Puts his glove above the wall
Well folks' that was a miracle,
I think he caught the ball

Eric Pappas is the next at bat,
He's 0 for 3 today.
And now three pitches blow right by,
The Saberhagen way.

It's two men out, with no one on,
As Tewk steps to the plate.
He swings, breaks up the perfect game.
And exits Sabes' check mate

The batter's now Ray Lankford,
With one on and two men out.
The count goes 3 and 2 , Well folks
That is what this sport's about.

A single down the left field line,
As they both run the bases.
All the Cardinal fans are wild,
With happy smiling faces.

Another player comes to face
Saberhagen today.
It's Ozzie Smith who swings and hits
His first one of the day.

Gregg Jefferies now steps up to hit,
Sabes tries to get the K.
But the first two balls are high and tight,
The third low and away.

The next two pitches are both strikes,
The crowd suddenly dies down.
The count is 3 and 2
In this large Missouri town

It's the '94 NLCS
Tied at three games a piece.
It all comes down to this next pitch,
And a man named Greg Jefferies.

The pitch is thrown, he swings and hits
What could just be the big one
It's headed for the wall and now
It's going, going, gone.

So all throughout St. Louis,
The celebrating's strong.
But there is no joy in Flushing
Mighty Jefferies has gone long.

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