Steve Hofstetter in Adam Carolla’s New Movie? Yup!

That’s right, Redophiles. I will be making my big screen debut in Adam Carolla’s new movie “Road Hard.” The movie is about a beleaguered road comic who is trying to pick up the pieces of his life. I am not playing that part. Are you crazy? That’s Adam’s part.

I will have what is commonly known as an “under five” role. Which means my part will be anywhere from a prominent side character with a few lines to a semi-prominent side-side character with a few facial expressions. Depends on the editing. But the point is I’m in a damn movie. And not just any movie, but one I’m really proud to be a part of.

To find out more now, stop reading and go to Or keep reading and go there when you’re done.

Road Hard is a crowd-funded movie. That means that all the money funding it comes from wonderful people like yourself. It also means that there won’t be any studio execs giving notes or trying to work in awkward product placement. Because the movie’s budget is raised by people excited about the project, That gives Adam’s team complete creative control. And that means this is going to be a damn good movie.

At the time I write this, Adam has raised $779,000 of the one million dollars the film needs to happen. By providing fans amazing prize packages like set visits, in home standup performances, premiere parties, and more, Adam is helping change the face of Hollywood.

To help encourage funding, I have also created some prize packages as well. If you help fund the movie, here’s what you can choose from:

$10. You get access to the behind the scenes movie website and you can download your choice of four of my albums. (Sorry, not all five – I do not own the rights to Cure for the Cable Guy)

$20. Your name will be in the ending credits of the movie, and you can download all four of the albums.

$35. From Adam you get a shirt, a DVD, and stuff like that. From me, you can download all four of my albums and get a Redophile shirt.

$55. You get a bunch of cool stuff from Adam (shirt, Blu-Ray of the movie, etc), and from me you get the albums, a shirt, and plus two tickets to see me at the gig of your choice for the next year.

$75. You get an autographed picture from Adam. Then you get the albums plus a personal thank you on one of my YouTube Videos.

$250. Get a personal voicemail from Adam or attend one of the premieres, your choice. Then you get the albums, plus I will post a personal dedicated thank you video on my YouTube channel. And I will retweet anything you want me to, no matter how embarrassing or self-serving. (Unless its racist or something like that. Then I just keep your money cause you suck).

$500. First, you go to the wrap party for the movie. Yup, the actual wrap party. Then you have lunch with me. Whether it’s in LA or while I’m on tour somewhere, you get your butt to the city I’m in, and I’ll buy you lunch. If you’re creepy, it will be a short lunch. If you’re cool, maybe we’ll go bowling after. I have my safety to consider.

$1000. First, you’ll get to visit the set and meet all the famous people. Then, I will come to your house and do a private show. Get your friends together and heckle me right in your living room. Provided you have a living room. Hell, heckle me in your mother’s basement. The point is you will get a private show at your residence (US only)

$11,000. Not only will you be one of the executive producers of Road Hard, you will also get every thing I’m offering combined. Albums, shirts, private shows, lunch, everything. You’ll walk the red carpet at the premiere, visit the set, and know that you made this all possible.

If this movie raises the money it needs to happen, it will forever change my career. But even more important to me, it will forever change a lot of people’s careers. With each successful crowd-funded film, the road is paved for more of them. One day, we will no longer have to write in a scene where someone gets kicked in the balls because an exec thinks its funny. We will write it in because it actually is funny.

Thank you so much for being there for me over the years, and being there for me now one more time. I can not wait to make this a reality, and I appreciate any help my family, friends, and fans may be in bringing it that much closer.

To find out more and to be a part of Adam Carolla’s wonderful Pirate Ship, go to

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