Hatemail: Response to My Post On Random Bands (3)

The Hate

Wow…..yeah, bands using this medium to reach an audience is COMPLETELY different than you promoting yourself the same way. Do I know you?? No actually, I don’t think I’ve ever fucking heard of you. But thank you SO much for the endless invitations to your little comedy gigs in California. I’m in Kentucky, but damn, if I were going to be out that way….for your ‘thinking man’s’ comedy is ever so biting. On the random occasion I’ve chosen to listen to your monotone commentary, it’s been great to induce a good solid nap. Why don’t YOU go fuck YOURself you smug hypocrite.

My Response

It is amazing the lies you tell yourself to pretend you’re right. I’ve never messaged you about a gig in California, ever. And if you really disliked my comedy, why do you keep reading my posts?

What you really are saying is, “hey, I’m in a band, and I didn’t read this post all the way through. As soon as you mentioned something I do wrong, I replied to the half I read without reading the ending, that clearly addressed my main point. I found you funny until you made fun of something I do. But I’m too insecure to laugh at my own shortcomings.”

Just thought you should know,

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