Hatemail: Response to Steve Irwin Post (From a Larry Fan!)

The Hate

It sucks that the guy died, but what the hell is up with the biblical comparisons? He died because he screwed up, period. You are a hypocrite, you try telling people that you could care less whether they think you are funny or not, yet you made it a mission to ape Larry the cable guy’s act and try to expose his “real” identity. We know that he’s a made up character, we know that he’s really some dude from Nebraska. The good thing about him is that he is a physical manifestation of the part of all of us that likes crude humor. That is what makes him funny, everyone can relate to him. I am not very familiar with your act, but from what I’ve seen on youtube and on your page, you are nothing but a cynical, leftist pig.

Get-R-Done asshole!

My Response

You not only missed the joke, you missed the next post where I explained it was a joke.

For a guy who knows everything, you’re not that bright.

Your favorite leftist pig,

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