Hatemail: Response to Cure for the Cable Guy (35)

The Hate

Okay, so one: I consider myself to be a ‘redneck’ and for your DAMN business, I’m going to school to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist (do you even know what that IS Mr. Stevo?! Didn’t think so ..). See a PPT is a REAL job, unlike YOU who has to go off and diss a REAL comedian like Larry. He’s making money and you’re off trying to get “popular” by fucking making fun of him. It isn’t going to work, if ANYTHING, you’ll get LESS people listening to you. Two, I may only be 16 years old, but I am pretty damn smart and I DO listen to Larry, I think he’s a very funny man and he IS from the South, what do you call SANFORD, FLORIDA you idiots?! Three, I CAN count past 50 and shopping at Wal-Mart doesn’t make me fucking poor, I’m not rich, but I’m not poor either. People can fucking shop at Wal-Mart and not be, as you say it, “poor white people”. You are nothing but a fucking idiotic jackass moron, do YOU think you’re funny ..? ‘Cause frankly, I don’t think many people do ..read all the comments here buddy, more than half of them are supporting Larry and what HE does, not you. Three, about the “support the troops” sticker, you know DAMN well that you’ve never fucking wrote a letter to ANY of the troops, so don’t even start that shit. Four, being from the south makes us “stupid” as you say? Okay, try how ANDREW JACKSON and THOMAS JEFFERSON were BOTH from the fucking south. Two VERY intelligent and excellent presidents from the south, not ALL fucking southerners are dumb. So stop your fucking preaching and jealousy and fuck off, leave us and Larry out of your little schpeals, you’re a fucking dickwad. Thank you.

My Response

Whew. Now that you’re done with your paragraph of ignorance, it’s my turn.

1) You responded to the opposite of many things I said. For instance, I specifically said that I find many people in the south to be intelligent and forward thinking, and that your location doesn’t dictate your intelligence. You, for example, are not ignorant because you’re from the south, you’re ignorant because you’re ignorant. You just happen to live there.

2) Dan Whitney is not from Sanford. He’s from Nebraska, where he went to private school. You must have missed that in all the research you’ve done.

3) Actually, I’ve gotten several dozen negative comments about what I said, as opposed to the several thousand positive ones.

4) A Pediatric Physical Therapist is someone who helps children recover from injury. I don’t know which of those three words you thought would throw me. But you’re 16. I hope that as you get older you mature enough to see past your own elbow. As for your career, I doubt it. Few people truly know what they want from life at age 16. Finish a year of college before you tell me how you’re studying to be a doctor.

5) Most importantly, I consider you to be a redneck, too. Glad we’re in agreement on something.


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