Hatemail: Response to Cure for the Cable Guy (26)

The Hate

You need to get a life, seriously.

You base your whole damn site on making fun of Larry the Cable Guy. Exactly how does that make you any better than him? Perhaps you could clear this up for me.

I can tell by looking at you that you’re not in the position to be picking fights with other comedians.

I will admit; you are pretty funny. However, the fact that 80% (and I’m being generous here) of your material stems from insulting other comedians (LTCG) instantly turns me away from your comedy.

As for why you hate Larry, I’ll never quite understand that. He must have done something to you in the past that scarred your life. Perhaps something horrible happened and Larry just happened to be on the T.V. at the time, so you associate your anger with him; I don’t know. What I do know though, is that you need to grow up and just write comedy. Comedy that doesn’t involve targeting other comedians and talking about them 24/7.

I sincerely hope that you encounter Larry one day. During this encounter, I hope that maybe you can work things out with him. Seeing how stubborn and thickheaded you are, this is just a wish. One that will never come true.

Not Your Fan,


My Response

Of the 250+ columns, 500+ shorts, and dozens of video clips on my website, there are exactly two columns and one video about Larry the Cable Guy. I also have two albums out – there’s a doll of him on the cover of one of the two, and one of 12 tracks one that album talks about him, while the other doesn’t mention him once. That is clearly more than 80%.

Thanks for the math,

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