Hatemail: Are You Seriously Going to Suggest?

The Hate

you are the single most retarded person i have ever listened to ramble…

why don’t you work on being funny instead of wollowing in the misery that someone else makes it look easy and – god forbid – makes people laugh…

are you seriously going to suggest that larry the cable guy is responsible for troops in iraq suffering? get off your high horse, pull your head out of your ass and do something with your life.

the only funny thing about you is that you’re actually serious… and you have red hair which is probably another thing that you cry about all night thinking about how much you suck…

kind regards.

My Response

James, James, James – you just wrote an entire email about something I never said. What I actually said was that many of Larry the Cable Guy’s fans are too ignorant to fully understand how our use of oil contributes to the situation in Iraq. Shot in the dark here, but you’re one of them?

Many soldiers have written to me thanking me for my stance on “Support Our Troops” magnets adorning gas guzzling SUVs, and have commented on how upset that practice makes them. I’m sure they’d be equally upset when they realize they are risking their lives defending the freedom of people like yourself.

Ramble ramble,

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