Hatemail: About the Black People

The Hate

How are you doing? I just wanted to say that it takes a lot to make me laugh, but unfortunitely you were not good enough to accomplish that. Especially when you were putting down Larry the Cable Guy. I don’t appreciate that at all. Now I know you were just making a joke for yourself, but he’s great when he says “Get R’ Done! and he will always be funnier than you will ever be. “I don’t care who you are, that’s funny!” Larry the Cable Guy is funnier than you, but of course you can’t make everyone laugh. You did good to those you made laugh, but to me you are just a sorry sight trying to fit in with the rest of the comics.

Now I agree with you about the black people, I am pretty racest. They’re a bunch of niggers who don’t know how to speak correctly and they’re very rude. Come up with some more stuff like that and you’re bound to get more of an audience.


My Response

I think the only point that you made in this letter is that you are a racist moron. I am glad people like you don’t find me funny – now if you could only find a downed powerline, I’d be set.

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