A letter from a fan

I often share my hatemail here, so I thought I should share this as well. It’s a letter from a fan that shows exactly why I give away so much of my content, and the right thing to do when you torrent something that you enjoy.

Hey Steve,

I just want to say I love your stuff. I happened by your youtube channel while watching videos of comedians shutting down hecklers. I enjoyed what I saw so like any broke 20 something year old I decided to torrent some of your work, in fairness I didn’t realize you had one for free on your site until I got deeper into your videos. Needless to say I loved what I heard and have now bought the 2 albums I’ve torrented and look forward to buying the rest. I hope I get to see you live if you are ever near Augusta Georgia.

Thanks for the laughs,

Justin Pringle

Thanks Justin – high fives all around.


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