Hatemail: Response to Steve Irwin Post (15)

The Hate

YOUR A FUCKING ASS HOLE!!! The only reason y your sooo called fanz agree with you is because they are all FUCKING IDIOTS!! Yu talked soo bad about that rascist white fat comedian but ur no fuckin better, the man just lost his life BITCH!!

My Response

My fans will be devistated to find out they don’t really exist. How should I break it to them?

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Embarrassingly Old Work: Poetry: Jeez – From 2004

I thought that I would never see
A president as dumb as he

A president who’s been to jail
An “average Joe” that went to Yale

He’ll say, “who cares?” and “Fuck your views!”
If they don’t match those on Fox News

He’d raid Vermont if that state had
WMDs, or a grudge against dad

A leader who, when trouble looms
Deflects the blame on double grooms

New democracy, of that he’s certain
If it means more scratch for Haliburton

Who never learned the word “mistake”
Vocab is tough when you’re half-baked

Who says he talks to god above
It’s less from God and more Karl Rove

In weeks he takes his solemn vow
And only god can save us now.

I see 2008, alarmed
And pray, somehow, the third’s the charm

Til then, I hope you heed my call
And visit me in Montreal.

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Hatemail: Response to Steve Irwin Post (14)

The Hate

I would like to say this. Steve Irwin would have done what he has been doing since he was 4yrs old regardless of our western christian perversion. Think about this before you open your big mouth. He’s not from America. Say goodbye to this freind, and if you keep it up, say goodbye to your career. Were not here to here your politics.

My Response

Actually, most people who come to my shows are there to hear my politics. My last album was 46 minutes of social commentary, and so are about 90% of my columns. You, however, came for fart jokes. Sorry, but that meeting is down the hall.

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